Cashing in with T.J. Miller

Listeners Steven Scott and Emilio Hernandez compile their least favorite segments from the first season.

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Cash and TJ discuss The Big Bang, Plato, Steve Martin, Andy Warhol, NIght RiderThe Streak, super soakers, happy crying, ugly barbers, and ask the question, "Does perfection exist?"
Listen to this episode on a long drive and don't be afraid to use the dipstick test….. 

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Cash and TJ talk about unicorn whales, Miami Vice, Flashdance, popping and locking, sleep charting, adult onesies, sequined straws, juggling, eyepatch pilots, ejaculation options,  sex interrupted, The All American Red Heads, and ask the question, “Why are dogs so interested in bestiality?”
Listen to this episode, erase your mind, repeat….

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Cash and TJ talk about droidlocks, paddleboatspalindroms, carjacking, Twizler lips, bad houseguests, houseboats, scooters, "The Circle", Swiss Family Robinson, Kickstarter and ask the question, "Is it good to have a Pez Neck?"
Listen to this episode while sitting in a tree, it was whittled with care out of Jelly Belly's.... 
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Cash and TJ talk about zombies, karma, Mt.Rushmore, The Oval Office, amusement parks, NBA Basketball, crystal meth, bumper stickers, totem poles, swollen tear ducts, and ask the question,  what is “Slurpee Blue?”
Listen to this episode with a crosscourt two eared technique, it will shake things up for you…


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Cash and TJ talk about their 100th episode, zombies, clones, carjackers, sexy musical instruments, air jamming, cautionary tales, car dancing, crash test dummies, hydration tactics, and ask the question, “Do we need a five minute holding period for rental cars?”
This episode is best accompanied by a drum machine, sing along with the parts you know…..


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Centennial Streaker - Live from The Capitol!

In their 100th episode, Cash and TJ talk about sex scandals, political movies, The White House, The Pillsbury Dough Boy, The Constitution, Martin Van Buren, Handel, MC Hammer, DC Cab, nudists, Orangutans, Evian facial spray, burp tweets, document shredding, bad doctors, The Lock Ness Monster, bobble heads,  and ask the question, "Should cursive be considered a second language?"



This episode has been transcribed in Wingding on granite rock to preserve it's eternal integrity…..

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Paparazzi Trojan

Cash and TJ talk about Pinocchio, Sisyphus, Yosemite Sam, Ashton Kucher, Threes Company, the Ladle Baby, water cumberbuns, monopods, umbrella hats, DNA testing, dualing banjos, wet ipads, Cougar hunters, hot dog eating contests, mime parades and ask the question, “What is the 'eye dropper diet?”


Shoot this episode into your veins, then lie down on a chez lounge and listen while navigating some class three rapids....

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Migrating #2 Pencil

Cash and TJ discuss David Letterman, The Doobie Brothers, Tom Petty, The Great Gatsby, Saturday Night Live, Two and a Half Men, signing autographs, the Museum of Modern art, TJ's trip to Mexico, reconditioning music, swimming phones, help balloons, imploding people, and ask the question, "What are 'party geysers?'" 




This episode is more polarizing then neutralizing, give yourself a master cleanse after listening...

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Migrating Pencil

Cash and TJ discuss their 100th episode celebration in Washington DC, donnybrook situations, Candyland, Arbitron ratings, wiffle-ball stadiums, street credibility, adult water wings, breakfast soup, wing tips, shopping cart stunts and ask the question "Is Nick Vatterrot OK?"


This episode will induce a full body release, listen with a few bottles of white-out…

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